Momma’s Hot Chocolate

Like many people, I have a very strong memory of my mother making hot chocolate for us when it got cold outside, especially, when it would snow. My sister and I would go outside, sled and build a snowman (tried to have snow ball fights but the snow wouldn’t pack right). When we came it it was mandatory that we stripped our outer-layers by the door so we didn’t leave a trail of snow through the house. So, off came the boots, the top two layers of socks, the extra pair of pants, the hat and mittens, and the coat. Drop them in a pile (to be used later of course). And head into the library to warm up by the fire. And mom would bring us a cup of hot chocolate, with marshmallows if we were lucky.


One thing I always loved about my mom’s hot chocolate . . .she made the mix herself.

Now, my mother isn’t a fan of cooking. She has her dishes that she is amazing at, and everyone begs for, and she will cook, but she just doesn’t enjoy the act and my father always stepped up to the plate. So, when my mom would hand us those cups, filled with the most delicious warmth known, it was even more special. Because she made it. She didn’t just rip open a packet and dump it in. She mixed it up and stored it in the pantry. My sister and I often got to help her make the mixture, because you had better believe we went through it quickly.

My mother probably doesn’t know how special this small thing is to me but in honor of it, I decided to share the experience with Bug. It’s a very simple process with just a few ingredients, and so it’s perfect for little hands to help in the kitchen. In fact, Bug (whose 5) did most of this himself. He had a little help with the stirring, because it does make a big batch, but otherwise he handled this like a pro.

Momma’s Hot Chocolate



1 large canister creamer

1 large box dry milk

*my store didn’t have a lg box of milk, so I bought two small bags; you need about 18oz total give or take)

1 large box powdered chocolate mix (drink not baking)


Candy Canes (optional)


1. Pour all ingredients into a large bowl (except marshmallows).


2. Stir ingredients until well mixed. Folding works very well and helps avoid spilling over edges and gets the bottom mixed too.

*This is the step where little hands may need assistance. Remember, a little mess is okay! It will clean up, I promise.*


3. Once, ingredients are well blended and you don’t have clumps of any one ingredient, you are ready to make your coco.

A good ratio is 1/2c of the mixture to 1c of hot water or milk. If you like yours a little chocolatier, (that’s totally a word) make it a heaping half cup.

4. Add marshmallows to the top of your ┬ámug, and if you’d like a candy cane makes a perfect stirring stick.


5. Enjoy!

With this recipe, you can get approx. 31 cups hot chocolate (using a heaping 1/2c). Store in an airtight container and label for future use. Keep in a dry area.

I really hope that you enjoy my mom’s hot chocolate as much as I do and I hope that it creates as many loving and lasting memories for you as it has for me. That’s all you really get out of life and all that matters in the end – love and memories.

I love you mom!!!

Happy Holidays Everyone!!

I would love to hear how well you liked this recipe. Did you alter it at all? Any other special garnishes that you add besides marshmallows and candy canes? What memories did you create? Share them below!