Fingerprint / Toeprint Rainbow

This is a fun St. Patrick’s or Spring Craft to do. This craft can carry over into quite a few different themes. A Fingerprint or Toeprint Rainbow. I say or because some toddlers and older kids can easily do this craft with their hands and fingers, while younger toddlers and infants don’t have that control yet. For these younger kids you can easily adapt this craft to use their feet and toes.



What You’ll Need

White Paper

Paint (rainbow colors)










1.)Depending on child’s age decide whether the craft will be done using hands or feet. Paint the hand/foot white and place two prints in the two bottom corners of the paper for clouds.

IMG_6996[1] IMG_6997[1]

2.) Using a finger or the toes, dip appendage into the paint (starting with red) and make make prints in an arc shape. A different level for each color.


3.) All done. Really easy craft. It creates some mess but, they have fun and messes clean. 🙂 See below for some educational opportunities with this craft.

Done by 5 year old, on their own, using fingers.
Done by 2 year old, with help, using feet and fingers

**Talk About**

  • What shape is the rainbow? Arc
  • What else is shaped like this?
  • What colors are in the rainbow?
  • Talk about ROY G BIV or Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain
  • Where do you see a rainbow?
  • When do you see a rainbow?
  • What type of weather is usually with a rainbow?
  • Why do you think rainbows happen? What causes them?
  • Are all rainbows the same?
  • What does the paint feel like? Texture? Temperature?