Earth Day – Paper Seeds

Well, it’s nearly Earth Day and in my house this is an important day. I teach my children everyday to respect Earth and all of its beauties; after all, it takes care of us and allows our lives to be possible. We need to take care of it in return. However, on Earth Day we take that extra step and talk about it specifically and try to spread the word to others. One way we’re accomplishing this is making paper seeds. paperseeds15

At first I thought this project was going to be super messy but as it turns out it was a breeze with easy clean-up and virtually no mess. Pleasantly surprising.

Earth Day – Paper Seeds

What You’ll Need






Wax Paper

** We save up our scraps of paper from other projects and crafts to use, which is a great way to recycle and give back**

paper seeds 11.) Using the color of paper of your choice, tear it into little pieces. For the Earth seed papers we used a mixture of blue, green and white. But any color or type works, as you can see in the pictures.

paperseeds22.) Place the small pieces of paper in the blender. Don’t overfill, you don’t want to clog up your blender.

paperseeds33.)Fill with water so that it just covers the paper.

paperseeds44.) Pulse blender until the paper is thoroughly blended and results in a nice pulp. Dump into a colander that has small holes.

paperseeds75.) Allow excess water to drain from paper pulp, slight squeezing may be required.

paperseeds6paperseeds56.) Slightly flatten out pulp on a towel, sprinkle seeds on top and then fold seeds into the mixture (much like kneading bread).

paperseeds87.) Once the seeds are mixed in, you can either roll the pulp into balls for “seed bombs” or you can use cookie cutters to make shapes. There are two ways to use the cookie cutters. You can either flatten out your mixture and press the cookie cutter into it, like you do with cookies. But I found that the easiest way was to manually fill the cookie cutter. This allowed me to get a nice pretty shape and make it thinner. Thinner seed papers are more attractive, dry quicker and will produce more.

paperseeds118.) Place seed papers on wax paper and allow to completely dry. Avoid handling before its dry, or it will fall apart.

paperseeds129.) Once they are dry, you can write messages on them, string instructions on, ect. To ‘plant’ them you may either crumble them and drop on top of soil, place whole on top of soil or plant under a thin layer of soil. Water. We planted wildflowers, some herbs and sunflower seeds. As my oldest said the larger seeds looked like land on our little paper Earths.

The paper will naturally decompose, giving the seeds an extra nutrition boost.

This is a fun activity to teach children about the importance of Earth, recycling, seed growth, plant life cycle and composting. In addition to being an Earth Day craft, this is also a great project to go along with Dr. Seuss’ Lorax.paperseeds14

We plan on attaching a cute note and passing out to those that walk by our house.

I hope you enjoy and have fun with this Earth Day craft. Let us know how your experience went!