One Fish Two Fish – Dr. Seuss Craft

Since, it was the birthday of Dr. Seuss on the 2nd, we have a whole line of Dr. Seuss crafts to celebrate the great author, his books and what we call literary week. One of his more popular books is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish,  and here is a really simple, easy and fun craft to go with that book.


What You’ll Need

Paper Plate

Blue, Red and two other color Paint

Paint Brushes



1.) Mix up a lighter version of the blue paint you have. We added white, blue and a light blue until Bug and Tig decided that it was the “right color” of water. Paint the entire paper plate this blue. Let Dry.

IMG_6833 IMG_6832

2.) Start with the two colors that you chose that are NOT red or blue. Paint the entire hand (palm and fingers) this color. **TIP** Put enough paint to cover the hand but not a lot. If you have just a thin layer of the paint it won’t “smoosh” as much and will give a better handprint.

Place the hand, paint down, on the paper plate, fingers together, thumb up. Pictured below.


3.) Repeat this process with the second color, then red and blue. Let Dry.


4.) Once dry, take the marker and draw on fishy faces, bubbles and the words you would like to include.


5.) Ta-da! You have a cute fish project to accompany One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish By Dr. Seuss. 🙂