Happy Holidays!

I realize it’s been several days since I’ve made a post, so I wanted to post this real fast for everyone. I took a few days off to enjoy the holidays with my family and friends. The boys and I celebrated Yule and Christmas, a very special family event (that’s to remain secret until a later date) and we are preparing for the new year.

I hope that all of you had a very happy and safe holiday season and I wish everyone many blessings and wishes for this ┬ánew year. Is anyone planning anything special to celebrate the occasion? It was always a tradition in my parents house to watch the ball in New York drop on the tv. We lived in Kansas at the time so we only had to wait up until 11pm to see it. We’d drink sparkling cider and make a fun night of it.

This year the boys and I are going to have a bon fire in our backyard and invite family over to welcome in the new year. We don’t have cable to watch the ball drop but what better way to start a year than surrounded by those you love? I’m anxious to see how late my munchkins will go. I have a feeling it won’t be as late as they’re anticipating; they are very routine friendly children (lucky me). However, it should still be a lot of fun.

Is anyone making a resolution this year? What is it?

We’ll be back to our DIY projects and homemade tips tomorrow. So, look for what goodies we have in store for you then!

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Happy New Year!

Blessed Be.