Dr. Seuss – ABC

Here’s another fun Dr. Seuss craft! His book ABC is a lot of fun to read and here’s an easy craft to go along with it! Create your own ABC book!

PicMonkey Collage



1.) Trace a book pattern on a piece of construction paper. (Color of your choosing.)

IMG_6826 IMG_6828

2.) Cut out the pattern and enforce the lines with a darker marker.


3.) Give kids assorted ABC foam letters, shapes or other supplies.

Let them write, create and enjoy their very own book!

IMG_6831 IMG_6830

Bug (my oldest) informed me that some books need pictures with their words, so he only put words on one side and then drew an accompanying image on the other. If the child is old enough I would encourage them to WRITE their own story for the picture. Tig (my toddler) just enjoyed making a letter book.

There you have it, a very simple Dr. Seuss craft. It allows them to discover the writer and creator in themselves. Let them be creative and discover what they are capable of!


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