DIY Lace Candle Holders

I know we just did a candle holder project, but I loved it so much I decided to do another one and I couldn’t post it until now because it was my mother’s Christmas gift. I think the gentle glow of candles is so beautiful and these candle holders just add even more to the ambiance. I made these lace candle holders pretty quickly and only used material that I already had laying around.

IMG_5924There are two ways you can make these. So, this gives you a bit of variety to play around with and your comfort level. I will explain both, here.

For the first way you will need:

Glass jar


Hot Glue Gun (w/ glue)


Ribbon (optional)

Snapshot 1 (12-29-2014 7-08 PM)

I’m sure you’ve seen picture where people have used this project with mason jars. It’s entirely possible to do so, however, I prefer to recycle jars we’ve collected through our day to day activities. I do this for two reasons. 1) It recycles or up-cycles whichever terminology you prefer. 2) Mason jars have designs on them. After I clean off the labels, these jars are smooth and clean.

So, I used small baby food jars, large baby food jars and a Starbucks frappuccino jar (generously donated by mom and grandma).

Okay, once you have your jar label free (find an easy way here) and all your supplies gathered let’s get started.

Snapshot 2 (12-29-2014 7-08 PM)

1. Measure out your lace for your jar. I simply lay the jar down and wrap the lace around it, and make cuts at the corners.

Snapshot 3 (12-29-2014 7-08 PM)


2. Cut out the square of lace.

Snapshot 4 (12-29-2014 7-09 PM)

3. Make a line of hot glue down the side of the jar.

Snapshot 5 (12-29-2014 7-09 PM)

4. Lay the edge of the lace onto the hot glue and press it down into the glue. Use caution, hot glue is hot. I use a popsicle stick.

Snapshot 6 (12-29-2014 7-10 PM)


5. Wrap the lace around the jar. Pull it taunt so it won’t slip around but don’t pull it off. I was able to press it down in the hot glue that was already there. If your glue has already dried, add a thin line to hold this end in place.

Snapshot 8 (12-29-2014 7-11 PM)

6. Trim off any extra overlap after the glue has completely cooled. You can also trim off any that hangs over the top or bottom. With a small jar like this no other glue is required. With larger jars, I would recommend putting a couple drops or glue under the lace at the top and bottom, to avoid the lace slipping around too much.

Snapshot 3 (12-29-2014 7-14 PM)

7. If you have chosen to add ribbon, now is the time to do that. Measure out your chosen ribbon, cut it to length and either glue it around the rim or if you want it to hang down you can tie it.

Snapshot 4 (12-29-2014 7-15 PM)

8. My original plan was to glue it tight (as shown above); however, with this particular ribbon I liked it better tied.



Okay, now for option two.

For this method you will need:

Glass Jar


Mod Podge



Ribbon (optional)

Snapshot 1 (12-29-2014 7-16 PM)



1. Measure and cut the lace to size as mentioned in the first method.

Snapshot 3 (12-29-2014 7-17 PM)

2. Using a paint brush or sponge, cover the outside of the glass with Mod Podge. You can work in small sections or cover the entire jar all at once, but in order for this to work successfully you will need to cover the entire jar by the end of it. A small strip of glue won’t hold the lace well in this instance as with the hot glue.

Snapshot 1 (12-29-2014 7-21 PM)


3. Lay the lace on top of the glue, and wrap it around. Pull it taunt and smooth out any bubbles.

Snapshot 4 (12-29-2014 7-18 PM)

4. If you’d like to add extra protection, add another layer of Mod Podge on top of the lace. **Note: Mod Podge applies as white, but it will dry clear.**

Snapshot 2 (12-29-2014 7-21 PM)

5. Let it sit and dry completely. It is done drying when there is no longer any white and it is not tacky. Trim off any extra lace.

Snapshot 3 (12-29-2014 7-22 PM)

6. Measure and add lace as desired. You can either Mod Podge this as well or hot glue. And voila! You have a beautiful candle holder. Simply, add a tea light and there you have a beautiful Homemade decoration!



The pink one in the first method was the small baby food jar. The white votive in the second method was a large baby food jar. The Starbucks jar is pictured in the group picture. It worked out well because the tea light fit snug into the top. So, it gave my arrangement a neat height layer.


Light them at night and they cast a beautiful glow.


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