DIY Glowing Candle Holders

Hello, everyone! I’ve been wanting to do this project for a very long time and . . . well, I have finally taken the time to do it. WOW! I am astounded at the results and sooo pleased! I plan to make many more, very soon. These glowing candle holders are absolutely gorgeous! Not only are they practical for when I want a soft, candle glow inside the house, but they are sturdy enough to put outside and pretty enough to use for special occasions. ADDED BONUS – – they can either sit or hang! So, if there’s limited space at the table just hand them up! I am in love with these!


Okay, lets get started! You only need a few materials and it doesn’t take much time at all.



1 Jar (without label)



Spray Paint


Wire (if hanging)

That’s it. That’s all you need to get started.

1. Cover your work area with the paper so that you don’t mess anything up with the spray paint. (Be sure that you are working in a well-ventilated area for this project. The fumes from the spray paint can be toxic if inhaled. Always be cautious and safe!)

2. Cut off a length of string and wrap it around your jar, in any design you want. Secure both ends so that the string doesn’t slip around. It will mess up your paint and lines if it moves around before the paint is dry.

3. Place your jar in the middle of your work area. Shake your spray paint well, remove lid and being to paint your jar. Hold the can approximately one foot away from the jar at all times. Try to give the jar an even layer of paint all the way around.

Snapshot 1 (12-9-2014 6-54 PM)

4. After you’ve finished painting the entire jar, let it set and dry until the paint is no longer wet or tacky.

5. When your paint is completely dry and is not tacky or sticky to touch you may but away the string and slowly unwind it from the bottle.


6. This is where your options come in. I opted to spray a layer of glitter on mine to make them sparkle a little more. You may choose to do so as well or leave it the flat color you have chosen.

7. After you are completely finished painting your jar and the color is how you’d like it to be. You may wish to add wire to make it hang. To so this wrap galvanized wire around the rim and twist it tight. Loop it up and over the jar and secure it around the jar on the other side.

8. Now you may place a tealight candle, a larger candle or even an LED candle in your jar and make it glow!

I hope you enjoy this project and its beautiful simplicity as much as I do! You can use any jar you’d like to make this project. The ones pictured are recycled spaghetti jars. Your jar doesn’t need to be as large as this one if you don’t want it to. That’s the wonderful of DIY projects . . you make it however you’d like to and alter it all you want!

If you’d like to view a video tutorial and see how I made these, you can view that HERE!

Leave a comment below to let me know how you liked this project and tell me how you did yours!