20 Reasons to DIY Compost

You see quite a bit in the news and online about global warming and environmentalists speaking about the world going south and how we need to save it. I know a lot of people roll their eyes and change the channel or keep on scrolling. However, here I have 20 reasons for you to start this easy activity that will not only help you reduce your footprint on the environment but will also improve that homegrown backyard garden of yours. Here are 20 reasons for you to start DIY composting.


20 Reasons to Compost:


  1. Adding finished compost to your ground soil will add nutrients without polluting the ground water like chemical fertilizers.
  2. The nutrients that you put there will stay there. The nutrients you find in compost will not be washed away by rainfall like chemical fertilizers.
  3. Compost can completely replace chemical fertilizers, which is not only better for the environment and your plants but your checkbook as well.
  4. It keeps organic materials out of landfills. Some researches show that over 60% of landfill waste is organic but it’s buried so deep the oxygen needed to turn it into something valuable cannot reach it.
  5. Composting at home is an all natural process. No fossil fuels are used to break it down like in factories that mass produce the compost you buy from stores.
  6. Plants grow healthier and stronger with the nutrients you are adding to your soil with not risk of “burning”as with chemical fertilizers.
  7. Promotes microbial activity in the soil.
  8. Improves the soil structure, which in turn protects the topsoil from erosion.
  9. Soils that are fed with compost retain more rainwater. This allows you to use less water and irrigation systems.
  10. The compost you create is safe to use to nourish plants that sustain human health.
  11. It improves soil aeration by allowing small air pockets to form.
  12. Doing it yourself generates rich, diverse and affordable compost.
  13. DIY composting supports organic and sustainable farming.
  14. Instead of one large shot of nutrients, compost gradually releases nutrients to your plants throughout the season.
  15. Healthy soil fights and helps prevent plant disease and reduces the need for chemical fungicide.
  16. Composting at home minimizes the amount of methane released into the environment, most commonly to zero.
  17. Composting embraces the natural cycle of life and decay. In nature there is no waste, everything is used for a purpose and then returned to the earth to serve a different purpose. Composting embraces this ideal.
  18. Contrary to some myths you can compost anything that has lived or grown recently.
  19. Composting requires very little work, it’s a natural process.
  20. Avoid wasting valuable organic material.


So there you have it. Why keep using chemical fertilizers and fungicides and everything else that major companies tell you is necessary to grow a decent garden. It’s nonsense. Nature provides you with the very best nutrients for your plants whether it’s a bed of marigolds or a field of tomatoes. Stop wasting your money. Stop killing the ground. Stop poisoning your plants. Embrace what nature gave you by starting DIY composting.

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