11 Reasons to invest in harvesting rain water in a rain barrel

I’ve been thinking lately and honestly, how many people would drink their tap water? The answer is very few; unless, you are part of the small lucky group that lives where the well water isn’t contaminated. So, if you won’t drink your tap water, why are you making your plants? And further more, why would you put that tap water into your edible garden? The fact is, plants absorb. If you are feeding them the chemicals from your tap water/hose water then that is what’s going into your precious tomatoes and squash. Ew.

How do we solve this problem? Well, what do plants drink in the wild? Rainwater. You want to eat what’s healthy for your family so let’s give your garden plants what’s naturally healthy to them. Good ‘ol rainwater.

Collecting rainwater dates way back but people are just now finding the value in it again. So, here are 11 wonderful reasons of why you should be collecting rainwater.

  1. Controls moisture levels around the foundation of your home.
  2. Prevents basement flooding.
  3. You control the overflow.
  4. Reduces runoff into storm and combined sewer system
  5. Reduces flooding from runoff
  6. Reduces pollution due to runoff in local rivers and streams
  7. Minimize your impact on municipal water supplies and aquifers
  8. Available during times of water restrictions and droughts
  9. Preserves the natural balance in your garden soil
  10. Soft water is better for your plants- doesn’t contain non-organic material
  11. Saves money on your water bill.
So there you have it. 11 very beneficial reasons to invest a small amount of money into a rain barrel. Will it solve all the world problems? Probably not but it’s definitely one step in the right direction and it will help you, your garden and the food you reap from it. ¬†Following soon I will have a post about how to make a DIY rain barrel, so be on the look out!Here’s a link to the article on how to make a DIY Homemade Rain Barrel¬†